Programme Overview

We run programmes that provide 1:1 therapeutic support and group sessions in a range of activities in green and blue spaces in locations across Bristol and beyond. Programmes are fully funded and are for those who need access to trusted, proactive support for their mental health and wellbeing. We really on funding from various sources to provide these vital services.

Information about live groups or referral spaces will be sent directly to key partners and through the BNSSG green social prescribing network. They will also be promoted through our social media platforms. Alternatively for more information about what is on in your area please get in touch.


1:1 therapeutic walk and talk in local green spaces. Development of personal tools, simple CBT and nature connectedness. This programme has shown to improve mental wellbeing of clients.


Multi-sports sessions - no prior sporting experience required. Opportunity for social, connection, physical activity and laughter.


Nature-based creative arts programme. This is programme is about process, having time to be creative and free-flowing in mind.


Paddleboarding, kayaking or surfing. Activities on the water to boost wellbeing, confidence, and reduce social isolation. Discussion group may be held after the activity to develop wellbeing tools.


Activities that push participants to try something new, and challenge themselves. Activities mat include; archery, sailing, high ropes, surfing, axe throwing, frisbee golf, padel tennis, yoga, mountain biking or BMX.

ActiveWellbeing Walking Groups - New

Monthly - ActiveWellbeing Walking Groups

Volunteer led walking groups across the City to keep women from the group sessions connected, and to bring new participants to the community.

Monthly - Stroll

A more accessible volunteer led low level stroll on flatter terrain, on a path within a park. Plus an optional social chat and drink together afterwards.