Information for Healthcare Professionals

Who do we work with?

Women who are in need of mental health and wellbeing services.

They may be women who;

  • Like to be outdoors/in nature or want to get outdoors more
  • Are willing to walk (distance does not matter, as we try to meet the needs of the client)
  • Are ready to make small changes or try new things
  • Need space and time to be heard, to be listened to
  • Are from areas of deprivation
  • May have experienced trauma
  • Are on waiting lists for specialist therapies
  • Those already in secondary mental health services
  • Want to try an alternative therapeutic process  
  • Need to become more socially or community engaged

How can I refer?

Clients can contact us directly and self-refer for ActiveTalk and group activities. Please signpost them to the website or As a professional you can refer them directly to the Active Talk therapeutic provision - please use the form below to request a referral form link.

Please send me a referral form link

How long is your waiting list?

This is a highly in demand service; we have capacity to work with 12 women per week. The waiting list length depends on funding for specific localities. We aim to get in contact with referrals within 2 weeks and start as soon as possible after that.

Group Sessions
Normally we do not have a waiting list for group sessions, however spaces do fill up quickly for activities like paddleboarding and kayaking. Again, the groups that are running are dependent on funding. 

Information about live groups or referral spaces will be sent directly to key partners and through the BNSSG green social prescribing network. They will also be promoted through our social media platforms.


'I would just like to say a big thank you to Charlie at ActiveBeing for all the invaluable work you do. I have seen firsthand how much my patients benefit from your wellbeing walks – they arrive to my appointments much lighter and in a much more positive head space. Charlie provides patients with proactive techniques and coping mechanisms to help manage the challenges they face, which goes far beyond the sessions. I have really seen the women she supports grow in confidence and transform into empowered & resilient individuals – which is an absolute pleasure to see. I could not recommend the service enough – thank you for all you do!'

Health & Wellbeing Worker – Lawrence Hill Health Centre