What is ActiveBeing?

ActiveBeing - The concept of 'well-being' was adapted to think of wellbeing as being actively engaged in your own being; doing things that keep you active, mentally present and well. 

Active may not always mean physically - it could be actively taking the time for rest, actively setting boundaries, playing, drawing, listening to music, or watching the birds outdoors. Active is being engaged, participating and being present. Physical movement is integral to wellbeing; therefore it also plays a key role and is a core element within our programmes.

We aim to give individuals the opportunity and space to connect, communicate, find balance and an acceptance of the inner self. 

Empowering people to develop self esteem, confidence and tools for self care - the ability to do things for yourself that benefit your mental wellbeing.

ActiveBeing is being able to find joy, to have fun, to feel free, and to laugh even in the smallest of ways.

All activities and programmes have an 'active' element, connect with nature taking place in local green and blue spaces.


Who are ActiveBeing?


Founder, Director & Wellbeing Practitioner


amy wilson







CreativeBeing Lead


ActiveBeing Journey

ActiveBeing was formed in the summer of 2020, following a need to provide mental wellbeing support and some respite for mums known to The Vench, in Lockleaze. Walk and Talk was set up, accessed by those who needed it, and had a hugely positive response. 

The need for provision locally was clear. Support as part of the 'Sport England Tackling Inequalities Fund' was granted and in addition to Walk and Talk,  Active Mums Wellbeing groups were started. The sessions were uplifting for all involved - and then they were halted by Lockdown!

From the start of 2021, and amidst another National Lockdown, programmes continued to be developed and ActiveBeing will became a not-for-profit organisation in the March. The Directors are committed to ensuring that women have access to a vitally needed service and reducing the barriers to getting support. There is a huge need for proactive community level services to support the high demand on the IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) pathway, and provision for mental health.  ActiveBeing aims to provide that proactive service to individuals. Ensuring they have the support that they need; to be active and mentally well, to manage positively in their daily lives, or to have access to wellbeing guidance whilst waiting for specialist mental health services or before reaching a crisis point.

Throughout 2022 and 2023 ActiveBeing have positively worked with a range of partners, organisations and funders to grow the provision, diversify the offer to stakeholders, refine processes, learn, develop, and collaborate.  Directors remain passionate about ensuring that this service is available to all who need it, especially as the cost of living crisis has put a greater load on mental wellbeing.