Empowering Positive Mental Wellbeing through Physical Activity

Being Active, Being Present, Being Well

What is ActiveBeing?

  • ActiveBeing is just that, being present, and engaging in physical activity to support positive mental health and wellbeing.  

  • We aim to give individuals the opportunity and space to connect, communicate, find balance and an acceptance of the inner self. 

  • ActiveBeing programmes are all engaged through physical activity.

  • Empowering people to develop self esteem, confidence and tools for self care - the ability to do things for yourself that benefit your mental wellbeing.

Access to mental wellbeing support should be available to all.

Providing access to mental wellbeing support is central to the purpose of ActiveBeing and is developed through two clear pathways; 

ActiveBeingConnect ensures that support is available to those who may be marginalised or unable to find appropriate locally funded services.

Private / Educators / Corporate

ProActiveBeing provides 1:1 or group sessions for individuals. Sessions are privately funded or accessed through employee wellbeing support packages. 

Overview of Wellbeing & Physical Activity Sessions 

  • Positive mental health and wellbeing is developed in the natural environment. An environment where mindfulness and an appreciation of the outdoors is harnessed. 
  • Simple, fun physical activity is engaged in as a positive tool stimulating the mind and body. 
  • Trust is built quickly through active non-judgemental listening.
  • Conversations are open, honest and carefully managed to ensure individuals are safe, and well supported. 
  • Sessions involve intuitive guidance, sharing of lived experience, and are underpinned by the '5 Ways to Wellbeing'. 
  • Clients are given a range of tools, personalised next steps and signposting so that they can grow, be resilient and continue their journey with self-confidence and improved wellbeing.