Enso - An Inspiration

Enso - At the core of ActiveBeing

      Enlightenment       Strength 
Beauty of imperfection
Acceptance of inner most self

The Enso Circle

Ensō (円相) is a circluar form that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create .

The Enso circle formed the inspiration and basis for the ActiveBeing logo.  The idea of acceptance of the inner most self and the concept of 'being enough' resonated with our Founder on her own personal mental health journey. 

Other Sources of Inspiration & Learning

Dr. Chatterjee

Dr. Chatterjee has become extremely well known in recent years. He has a range of books and the wonderful Feel Better. Live More. Podcast. The simplicity of what Dr. Chatterjee talks about means that we can all make changes in our lives to improve wellbeing by focusing on 4 areas; relax, eat, move and sleep.

Morgan Harper Nichols

MHN is an incredible artist, poet and musician. The words and images that she combines tell a story, evoke emotions, and
help with growth and empathy. Her website, Instagram and Storyteller app are a continual source of inspiration and positivity.

Mindful Self-Compassion

Having used Mindful Self-Compassion with Dr. Nicola Harker , it is an invaluable tool to build confidence and self worth. Showing kindness to yourself, being compassionate, accepting and thinking about what you need are vitally important to improving wellbeing. 

Happiful Magazine

Another source of inspiration and learning is Happiful magazine. Articles are regularly shared with clients to help their knowledge and personal development. Happiful is bright, interesting and covers so many Mental Health topics. It has been an invaluable resource.