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ProActiveBeing - Take Control

Supporting ourselves, or those we work with, to ensure we have balance and the tools to be healthy is key to thrive in all elements of our life.

ProActiveBeing has been created from personal and professional experiences of what is needed to create a balanced mentality, especially when the demands of work and life are so high.

Physical activity outdoors boosts our endorphins helping us to feel happier and more positive. Talking whilst participating in physical activity opens the door to honest conversations about challenges in individual's lives. Having space to be listened to without judgement, knowing you will have guidance and support is what ProActiveBeing can provide.

ProActiveBeing Options

ActiveBeing 1:1

8 Sessions                                                           
60 - 90 Minutes

Sessions include a blend of physical activity and mental wellbeing focused discussions.

Range of outdoor physical activities which are tailored to suit the client. These activities could include walking, cycling, tennis, basketball, paddle boarding, kayaking, table tennis, outdoor swimming, and surfing.

Mental Wellbeing Guidance
Personal Wellness Plan
Personalised Signposting, Articles & Tools
Physical Activity Participation Routes
Progression to ActiveBeingTeam


8 Sessions                                                           
60 - 90 Minutes

Group of 4 clients

Sessions include mental wellbeing discussion, and development of tools to use to support positive mental health.

Range of different weekly outdoor physical activity session. Activities may include; walking, cycling, tennis, basketball, paddleboarding, kayaking, table tennis, and boxing.

All group members will receive;
Mental Wellbeing Guidance
Wellness Plan
ActiveBeing Team-Shirt
1:1 Check-ins with Personalised Signposting


8 Sessions                                                 
60 Minutes

Sessions take place in the natural environment local to the individual or  employer.

1:1 Walk & Talk  
Mental Wellbeing Guidance
Wellness Plan
Personalised Signposting, Articles &Tools

How much does it cost?   Please contact ActiveBeing regarding the Programme you are interested in to discuss pricing.

As an employer you may be looking for a programme to compliment the services provided through an Employee Assistance Programme. ActiveBeing provides a unique programme of physical activity and wellbeing strategies. Many employees have become disconnected from their work place during the pandemic. Using the services provided through ProActiveBeing, you can re-engage your employees providing them with the tools to have a healthy work-life balance, be physically active and develop their own strategies for positive mental health and wellbeing. 

Please contact ActiveBeing to discuss Corporate Packages and how to support employees.

ProActiveBeing & ActiveConnect

Through accessing a ProActiveBeing service you are enabling provision to those in areas of deprivation, or for those who are waiting for specialist mental health support.

Companies can also contact ActiveBeing to discuss how they may access the programmes whilst also supporting community projects as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.