ActiveBeingConnect - Community Initiatives

Funded projects that enable and empower clients to maintain positive physical and mental wellbeing.

Social Mission

ActiveBeing is for all and has community at its heart. We are an organisation that aims to promote and provide physical and mental wellbeing services to women who are living in areas of deprivation, or those who are waiting for specialist mental health services or counselling.  

ActiveBeing Connect is supported by a range of organisations and we continue to develop partnerships with like minded groups. We have been able to grow due to the input and guidance from WESPORT. Activities for our community have been made a reality due to funding from Sports England - Tackling Inequalities Fund, and The National Lottery Community Fund.


ActiveTalk is a 1:1 walking and talking programme that was created in collaboration with The Vench and WESPORT. The initial aims were to support mums in the Lockleaze area who identified themselves as needing mental wellbeing support and some childcare during the pandemic. Having a dedicated time to walk and offload thoughts was vital in supporting mums during a significantly challenging and changing time.

Walk and talk provision has been available for those who need it locally. We are continually looking for funding to expand provision so that more women who need to be able to access mental wellbeing support can. Giving women a safe and supported space to ensure that they and can function positively.


The Active Mums Wellbeing Group was established to meet a need identified in the Community to provide fun physical activity for mums as a way to improve fitness and social connection. Again the project was created in collaboration with The Vench and WESPORT. 

Each member of the group receives an ActiveBeing  t-shirt to wear for the sessions which helps build a sense of group identity and overcomes barriers to participation. At the beginning of each session there is a focused discussion and opportunity to develop positive mental wellbeing tools. These sessions are under-pinned by the '5 Ways of Wellbeing'. Physical activities have a multi-sports focus, with lots of laughter, high levels of participation and finish with a Adventure Course challenge and optional zip wire!
This is an initiative that we are looking to expand through funded bids to mums across Lockleaze, Horfield, and Southmead. As well as developing provision with community groups in the Hartcliffe area.

Current Provision

Limited Spaces Available 
Accepting referrals from Social Prescribers or The Vench.

For women in North Bristol, walking takes place in local green spaces. Sessions provide a safe space for women to talk, be physically active and improve mental health whilst being immersed in the natural environment.    
6 x 60mins Walk & Talk Sessions
Intuitive Mental Wellbeing Guidance
Wellness Plan

Personalised Wellbeing Signposting, Articles, Resources &Tools 

Active Connect Wellbeing Group
Mon @ 6pm and Thurs @ 9.30am

For women in North Bristol who want the opportunity to be physically active, connect with others and have fun. Sessions involve a range of sporting activities, stretching and breathing tools.

6 x 60mins Sessions - Multi-sports activities
Active Being T-Shirt
Check In's and Signposting
Mental Wellbeing Guidance and Resources


ActiveBoost is a new initiative that aims to provide additional support to those who have accessed the Talk programme but need a re-set or a 'boost' to help with their mental or physical wellbeing.


Active Experiences is our second new initiative. This programme aims to take women outside of their comfort zone, to provide a sense of challenge, achievement and enjoyment. Activities will mainly be based in green or blue spaces, they will develop a sense of self-belief, teamwork and enjoyment.

We thank our partner organisations for helping to facilitate these opportunities.

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Client Testimonials

Walk & Talk Mum - August 2020

"I signed up for the walk with little understanding about what would be happening or who I was meeting. I did my first session with a friend and it was great! With just a little time and fresh air I was able to see my challenges and recent mental health crisis in a different way. I have since been able to go out once again and this walk was even more beneficial. I was able to talk openly about my experiences over lockdown, and my worries about the future, it felt like talking to a wise friend, and not like talking to someone who’s judging or just there to offer solutions (although Charlie is full of amazing ideas as well). We always walk to a beautiful view and looking over Bristol helped to open without feeling pressured to. I left my sessions with plans and ideas on how to cope with my mental health and lifestyle and although I am now busy again, I look forward to finding some time for walks with Charlie again.”

Walk & Talk Mum - Sep 2020

“I needed someone to listen with empathy and understanding and that's what I got and more. At a time when I was completely overwhelmed by anxiety, I got the support and help I really needed. Everyone should have a Charlie in their lives!”

Walk & Talk Mum - Dec 2020

"Since doing the walk and talks with ActiveBeing and the group sessions, I feel like I have overcome so much in the short space of time. To have someone that I can relate with has really helped me mentally and emotionally. Through the use of shared experiences I have become more confident in talking about past and present experiences. To be out in the open space has also encouraged my fitness, and helped with my depression, it has given me a sense of purpose and something I look forward to. I respond more to this than I have with counselling and therapy in a room setting. Not only that, Charlie has given skills and apps that help when I am alone or otherwise at home, this has given me confidence to do my day to day things knowing that I now have the tools to control things, like panic attacks which happen regularly for me. I wish to be able to continue this journey and eventually over come my depression and anxiety."